I'm currently working on a photo documentary series featuring long-term married couples. The concept behind the project is to capture their stories in an intimate setting, their homes. As I photograph them, I ask a few questions about their journey together, their love for each other, how they met, and what keeps them going. The first couple I've had the pleasure of meeting is Lyn and Stephen, and I'm excited to share their heartwarming story and stunning photos with you.

Lyn and Stephen had known each other for 58 years, having grown up as neighbors and family friends. They had always been there for each other, even from a young age. Lyn still remembers the day she first met Stephen, when she was just four years old. He was sitting on his front porch, playing with his toys, and she walked up to him, curious about what he was doing. He looked up at her and smiled, and they quickly became friends.

Over the years, they continued to grow closer, sharing their interests and hobbies. They went to the same school and had many mutual friends. But it wasn't until they were both adults that they got together romantically.

It happened at a party, where Stephen had won a short straw bet that required him to date and dump Lyn. He felt sorry for her and didn't want to hurt her, so he decided to make the most of the situation. But as they spent time together, something clicked. They realized that they had feelings for each other, and they started dating for real.

Despite the challenges they faced, including Stephen's autism, they stayed together and got married. They now have two kids, two cats, and two granddaughters, and they live happily in their wee flat in the East end of Glasgow.

Lyn and Stephen's secret to a long and happy marriage is simple – they were friends first and foremost. They enjoy each other's company, and they have always been there for each other, through thick and thin. They have supported each other's dreams and passions, and they have never stopped loving each other.

Now, as they sit together in their living room, watching their granddaughters play, they know that they have something special. They have a love that has lasted a lifetime, and they are grateful for every moment they have together. They are proof that true love can conquer all, and that sometimes, the best things in life are the ones that have been with us all along.

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