VOGUE feature, May 2023

I remember telling my husband 2 weeks before I received the email from Condé Nast that my goal for this year is to get published in a Magazine especially VOGUE.

I can hardly believe it - I, a new wedding photographer, have just been published in Vogue! It's an incredible feeling, and I am beyond thrilled to have achieved this milestone in my career.

This achievement is not just a personal victory, but a validation of the hard work, time, and energy I've poured into perfecting my craft. Seeing my work in such a prestigious publication is a testament to the hours I've spent honing my skills, refining my technique, and cultivating my artistic vision.

It's an honor to be recognized in such a competitive and challenging industry. Being featured in Vogue shows that I have what it takes to succeed, and it's a sign that my hard work is paying off.

But this achievement is just the beginning. It's a reminder to keep pushing myself, to keep striving for excellence, and to never rest on my laurels. I'm excited to see where this accomplishment will take me next - perhaps it's the start of a long and successful career as a wedding photographer, or maybe it's just the first step on a journey that will take me in new and exciting directions.

Regardless of what the future holds, I am grateful for this moment and for the opportunity to share my work with a wider audience. Thank you to Vogue for the honor, and to everyone who has supported me along the way.

I can't wait to see what's next!

Mama, I made it!!